Well, it starts here then. I'm sure I'm not the first person to use a blog to attempt to provide the motivation to get something finished. I suspect that is expecially true in the funny little world of toy soldiers and wargaming.

I'm a pretty average wargamer and painter, meaning that I have a butterfly attention span and can find almost any area of conflict fascinating for at least five days. I have great respect (and more than a little envy) for anyone who can focus on a single period, army or whatever and get the thing done. That laser-guided single minded mentality has, alas, escaped me so far. I am particularly bad when it comes to assembling armies and miniatures. I can pull off a pretty decent paint job with a little effort, but find it difficult to reign things back to a more sensible (and manageable) level. This is getting easier more recently and I'm finally getting relaxed enough to bash figures and things out and just get the damn things on the table.
Hence this blog. Wargaming has become very much 'work' over the last few years and this is an attempt to claim a small corner of my hobby back for me. At the moment my main gaming 'buddy' and me have been rather enjoying Kampfgruppe Normandy (Warhammer Historical Games WW2 ruleset) and I've begun bashing together some forces for that. 20mm figures and tanks have always been my first love and I'm returning to them with this.

Venerable Britannia Cromwells with a 'Ready to Roll' A30 in support.

Dragon M4 with AB figures commander

If this is my last post then you know I've already moved on to something else entirely ...

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